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Sue Hinkel's Tips for Telling

Take care of your voice. The storyteller needs to take care of his/hers/their voice. The voice is our main tool. Here are a few tips from Joyce Slater:

1. Breathe, always breathe. Do it in this way- in through your nose, out through your mouth. Stretch out your arms to the sides of your body so you expand the lungs. Always breathe from the diaphragm. Your tummy might expand but your shoulders shouldn't rise.

2. Drink plenty of water. Lubricate your throat.

3 Exercise the voice by saying certain sounds like pa pa pa, da da da, ta ta ta, roll your tongue if you can.

4. Warm up the vocal cords (humming is good for the resonators) Pretend you have a hard boiled egg in your mouth and hum in your natural voice.

5. Singing will also warm up your voice.

6. Breathe! Did I say that twice? It is important.

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