We've heard it all before... we rejoice in the retelling!


Missouri Storytelling, Inc. (“MO-TELL”) is an organization of storytellers and other interested persons dedicated to spreading the joy and art of storytelling throughout Missouri.

We intend to provide networking, storytelling workshops, announcements, and other information to grow storytelling across our region.  If you are interested in becoming involved simply as a member, welcome!  


And if you are interested in helping at another level we have need of these volunteer leadership positions:  working with our website and communications, helping develop a renewed relationship with Missouri State Parks, acting as a liaison with festivals and guilds across the state, coordinating Telebration, or creating new opportunities for storytelling, please contact Joyce Slater (slatertales20@gmail.com).


MO-TELL Can't Do It Without You!

Thanks to our generous partners and sponsors:

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