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Sue Hinkel Presents: Tips for Telling

TIPS for storytellers from Linda Kuntz

Have a written contract in hand before the performance, spelling out ...

  • When you are telling stories.

  • Where you are telling stories.

  • Who you are telling stories to. (This can change)

  • Clear directions to the performance site.

  • Where you are to park your car, do you need a parking tag?

  • Who is going to meet you and/or introduce you?

  • What do you need to bring? Portable amp? Mic and stand?

  • Canopy? Chair? Water?

  • What will they provide? Amp? Mic? Chair? Seating for the audience? Canopy? Water?

  • How much you will be paid?

  • How you will be paid?

  • Who do you submit your invoice to?

  • When will you be paid? (Sometimes you receive at check after your performance or it may take 6 months for you invoice to be processed)

  • Will photographs be taken?

Subsequent months will offer tips from various sources.

Contact Sue with your tips. Email or Text 314-406-0695

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