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Story of the Month: The Wisest Son

Once upon a time an old man called his three sons into his room. He knew his life would end soon and he could not divide his house and land among his sons.

“ I will give one of you my estate. Whoever is the wisest of you will inherit everything I have and it will support all of you for a long time. There is a coin on the table for each of you of equal amount. Take the coin and buy something which will fill this room.” The eldest son went straight to the marketplace and filled his wagon with straw. The second son bought sacks and sacks of feathers. The youngest son thought and thought and then bought two small items and put them in his pocket.

That night the father called them in to his room. The straw filled only part of the floor and the feathers filled only two corners of the room. Then the youngest son pulled out two small items from his pocket and filled the room and inherited the estate. What did he buy which filled the room?

(Answer: A candle and a match that filled the room with light.)

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