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Story of the Month: The Toler'ble Muddy Day

One year, kind of like this year, was the rainiest anyone had ever seen. All the cricks flooded, liked to drowned us all and the bottomlands turned into gumbo. Well, I had to get to the post office and it wasn't but a quarter mile so I figured I'd walk. I got my big old walking staff, just to get along, and the further I walked, the bigger my boots got – had to use my stick to scrape off my boots!

As I was walking along, I looked up and seen something coming along the road toward me. It looked like a critter, a little critter, kinda swimming along in the mud toward me. It was the wrong color for a raccoon and the wrong shape for a possum.

Poor little critter was so mired down I couldn't see any legs. The thing came right up to me and then I realized it was a man's hat! I picked it up and there was a feller's head in the mud underneath it.

He looked up and said, "Howdy-do. Nice day, ain't it?"

I looked at him and aid, "Sure is a toler'ble muddy day to go walking!"

"Naw," said the feller. "I ain't walking. I'm riding a mule."

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