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Story of the Month: Mice

A long time ago some mice came to a very pretty house belonging to some cats. The cats were out hunting for food, so the mice went into the house. One of the mice saw that the cats had many different colors of make-up.

This mouse put gold make-up on his face. He looked in the mirror, and he liked the way he looked. He thought he was made of gold. Just then the other mice saw that the cats were coming home. The cats were very hungry because they couldn’t find anything to eat.

The mice called, “Let’s go! The cats are coming!” The gold mouse didn’t listen to his friends. He kept looking at himself in the mirror, and he liked his new gold color.

The cats came in, and they easily caught and ate the gold mouse. The cats said, “We were looking for mice all day, and when we came home we found a mouse waiting for us.”

Lesson: Listen to your family and friends, and follow their suggestions. If you don’t listen to them, you may run into trouble just like the gold mouse.

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