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Story of the Month: A Love Story

Daniel Boone was out on a “fire hunt” one night with a friend. His friend had a torch and he a gun. They watched for eyes to shine and be reflected in a deer or elk. They were in a heavily timbered woods near a stream on land belonging to Mr. Morgan Bryan, a local pioneer.

Suddenly he saw a deer’s eyes shine. Daniel raised his rifle and then suddenly hesitated. His trigger finger trembled, something that never happened to him. Without warning, the deer ran off through the brush and ran like the wind. Daniel lit after the deer. He took logs and bushes at a leap, the quarry just ahead.

Very quickly he found himself at Mr. Bryan’s cabin with a pack of growling, barking dogs surrounding him. Mr Bryan came to the door, calling off the dogs. He asked Daniel why he was so winded and before he could answer a little boy came out of the cabin.

“Pa! Pa! Sister was down at the creek to check fishing lines and she was chased by a panther or something and she’s scared,” said the boy.

Daniel turned to see the same bright beautiful eyes he had “shined” a moment before. In front of him stood Rebecca Bryan and not long after this meeting that “deer” became Rebecca Boone, the wife and love of Daniel Boone.

Storyteller note: It’s fun to Google stories like this and see not only another version of the story but what people say about it as truth or?

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