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Spotlight on Linda Kuntz, Newest Board Member

Spotlight on Linda Kuntz, Newest board member

Linda is the newest MO-TELL Board Member, becoming the Secretary in February 2020 after Jim Two Crows Wallen stepped down as Secretary. Jim Two Crows Wallen remains on the MO-TELL Board as Board Member at Large.

What attracted you to MO-TELL originally and why did you decide to volunteer to be the Secretary?

I liked that there was a state organization that could provide venues and workshops in Missouri and have participated in the Missouri Liars Contest several times. She volunteered to be the MO-TELL Secretary for several reasons: it gives her a chance to meet and work with great storytellers from around the state, it helps her keep in the know about what is happening with the Missouri storytelling community, and it gives her a way to give back something to storytelling.

What other positions have you held in storytelling organizations?

I have been the Events Coordinator for the River and Prairie Storyweavers (RAPS) group for 6 years and am currently the Assistant Events Coordinator for RAPS.

How long have you been telling stories?

I’ve been telling stories all my life, occasionally getting in trouble for what my parents considered too much of a deviation from the truth. I’ve been telling to adults for the past 10-12 years.

What is your favorite type of story and do you have a favorite story?

My favorite types of stories are folktales from around the world and bible stories. My favorite story is always the one I am currently working on to make it tellable by me.

Comments about digital storytelling, given the current stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines?

I think it is wonderful we can use technology to connect with each other, to listen to and to tell stories. It is especially fun to be able to see and hear storytellers from other parts of the world. But, as nice as it is to see and hear everyone, I miss the eye contact, the laughter, and the other audience reactions in a live performance.

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