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MO-TELL's Member Profile: Richard White

Rich retired two years ago from his job as a computer programmer. When he retired, his wife, Alice, told him he needed something to do to keep busy and involved. Fortunately, at that time he attended some activities at the Mid-Continent Public Library, Woodneath branch, associated with the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration, including a workshop given by Joyce Slater and Sue . That's when he thought that this could be for him.

He then joined the River and Prairie Storyweavers (RAPS) storytelling group and quickly was elected as Secretary for the group. He says he is glad he joined RAPS because "they have taught him so much about storytelling." He became a MO-TELL member when he decided to compete in the Missouri Liars Contest. Having heard several of his stories, I can attest that Rich has a flair for the Tall Tale. Whether it is a about the Clary boys or about an ill-fated canoe trip, he makes it a story that is a delight to hear. Apparently other people agree, because Rich is a finalist in the 2019 Kansas Storytelling Celebration Tall Tales Contest, which will be held on April 26th this year in Downs, Kansas.

So as can be seen, Rich did listen to Alice and found something to keep him busy and involved. The world of storytelling is richer (pun intended) with the addition of another storyteller.

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