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MO-TELL's Board Members: Sue Henkel, Treasurer

Sue Hinkel was born and raised in Oklahoma. She met her husband John there and they moved to Missouri, to the St. Louis area. They live on the Meramec River and wake up to the sounds of the river and the rustle of the trees surrounding their home. They like to call it their paradise.

Sue and John have two daughters, Heidi and Heather and one grandchild, Troy.

Sue is the treasurer of Missouri Storytelling, Inc. (MO-TELL) now, but she has served on the board in one capacity or another since its inception. She was the second president of the organization.

As treasurer, she collects the dues, pays the bills and files the taxes. She is the members first contact in most cases.

Mother, wife, teacher, artist, storyteller, adjunct professor-Sue wears many hats. She stays on top of the storytelling world by being a member of local and national storytelling organizations such as NSN, River and Prairie Storyweavers, Gateway Storytellers, Riverwind Storytelling and, of course, MO-TELL. She is also on the planning board for the St. Louis Storytelling Festival. She has been telling her tales at this event since the second of its now forty years. She was a featured teller two of those years.


1. Volunteer of the Year for the St. Louis Storytelling Festival 2. Volunteer of the year for the University of Missouri St. Louis 3. National Storytelling Network Oracle Award, South Central

Region, for Service and Leadership 4. Missouri Art Teacher of the Year Award

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