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MO-TELL's Board Members: Becky Walstrom

Becky Walstrom, member at large, was Executive Director and President of the Advisory Council of the St. Louis Storytelling Festival for 15 years. During her working years at UMSL, Becky served as the Elderhostel coordinator/director, held various positions with the Staff Council, served multiple years on the board of the State organization MAACCE (Missouri Association of Adult, Community and Continuing Education) and was the liaison with the national organization, AAACE (American Association of Adult and Continuing Education).

Collaborating with the National Storytelling Network, Becky served on the executive committee for the 2007 National Storytelling Conference. Along with the St. Louis Festival, Becky was the recipient of the 2010 ORACLE award for leadership and service. In addition, Becky received the 2008 MAACCE (Missouri Association of Adult, Community and Continuing Education) Special Achievement Award for leadership and contributions to the St. Louis Festival.

Following retirement in 2014, Becky enjoys various activities including travel and spending winter months in Florida. Favorite hobbies: listening to a really good story, reading, spending time at the lake and an occasional game of golf.

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