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MO-TELL Member of the Month: MarilynSue Warren

A bit about myself:

Here are a few of my favorite things- being a mom , and grandmother; nurse; storyteller, walking in the woods; yoga and tarot. I love doing storytelling tarot- lay out the cards for someone and then using the placement and pictures on the cards create a one of a kind story.

Walking in the woods grounds and centers me as nothing else does; feel so lucky that there are so many walking trails around St. Louis. Love walking by the Mississippi and think about Mark Twain being on this

same river.

Interest in Storytelling

It began in my childhood-our family was very rich in stories, and had very little in material things, such as running water, indoor plumbing; radio or television. I grew up in rural Arkansas in a family where everyone told stories to entertain and to teach. My mother was very fact based teaching teller, and my father believed the truth should never

get in the way of a good story.

Therefore as a child telling stories was my way of being see and getting attention.

What tellers..

Sue Hinkel and her historical stories- my favorite being the 100 Dollar Bill Cynthea Jones- her transforming Greek myths into the 21st century ethos.


As an adult it was patient stories that captured me. I worked on the addiction/psych unit at the VA for 21 years and it was their stories and our collaboration to create new and different beginnings/endings to their complicated lives that let me know how much

stories heal.

I was a fan girl of January Keiffer when she did storytelling at COCA- tried to go to every

performance. Took her techniques back to the VA to give to patients.

Lynn Rubright and the UMSL summer storytelling sessions. Learned there skills for

crafting personal stories.


Want to keep the art form alive ; well and growing; And see this as a challenge . Would like to see young people be involved, and am unsure how to support that, and more

diversity in our memberships and tellers in MO.

Favorite story - Retelling of persephone. Begins with - We all know the story about her, and she is always told as Demeter‘s daughter. “How would your story be different if it was

your mother who did the telling?”

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