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MO-TELL Member of the Month: Lynn Beetner

Lynne Beetner, our featured Mo-Tell member for February, has always been an energetic person. Early in her life she would gather wild violets and sell bunches of them. And her bread-baking business was so successful she had to quit because of too much success!

When she was leading a troop of Girl Scouts in an unincorporated area near Champagne, Illinois, she realized there were NO street signs.So, she and the girls began to search old records and found that many streets had names, sometimes three names for the same street. The leaders of the community said the girls could choose which names they liked best and street signs were erected. Soon after, Bondville was made a town!

In 1959 Lynne realized the need for a hospital in Edwardsville and went door to door to ask for donations to create a hospital. Maryville Hospital is now a reality partly due to her efforts. Lynne also began a Montessori school in the area. When she sees a need, she begins to work on it. Lynne has also served on the Children’s Museum Board.

Lynne has been president of Riverwinds Storytelling in Illinois. She believes everybody needs stories, regardless of their age. Ask Lynne about her maternal grandfather and his connection to Cochise and Geronimo, and about peanut butter being popularized at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Lynne has a wealth of information and stories!

Her favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter. Her favorite storytelling experiences were always the Friday night banquet and featured tellers at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival. Say Hi! to Lynne at the July 9 Liars Contest and Tellapaloosa, where she is

certain to be!

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