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MO-TELL Member of the Month: Joseph Bubenik

Joseph Bubenik met Ken Wolfe as officers of the Saint Louis Beard and Mustache Club. As their friendship grew, Ken shared his love of story with Joseph and encouraged him to submit an entry for the 2020 MO-TELL Missouri Liar's Contest. On his first try, he placed third in the written category. Joseph thought the Missouri Liar's Contest was fun and is already planning his next entry for 2021.

Joseph relishes writing stories. He likes to pick and choose his words with care. He may twist or curl a sentence to achieve his goal to express his thoughts as carefully as he styles his beard and mustache. In school, he wished he had more opportunities for creative writing, and now, as a thirty-something, Joseph doesn't need to wait for an assignment; he can be a creative writer whenever he wants.

Joseph is a native of St. Louis. About two months ago, he started working on a podcast which is similar to the film, "Big Fish," where he takes stories from his life and turns them into unbelievable takes. Having five children, he and his wife, Alison, have lots of material to choose from. Making it a family project, his children help Joseph with sound effects on his current podcast, Downright Lies, which you can find on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Professionally, Joseph is a house painter, but his creativity spills out in all areas of his life. He has written and published a children's Christmas story, Believer: Book One of the Yuletide Tales, which is available on Amazon or Kindle. Book Two: Wonderworker is in the works.

Joseph is just dipping his toe into the world of storytelling and wonders what MO-TELL is doing to reach out to younger generations – 20 to 40 year-olds who may not even realize they have a story to tell.

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