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MO-TELL Member of the Month: Dianne Cox

Diane is a retired school librarian from Omaha, Nebraska. According to her mom she has always told stories. Her parents supported her creativity and there were always books available to read. While she enjoys telling all types of stories her favorite type is folktales. That is because those stories have withstood the test of time, that there is a reason certain stories survived when others were lost.

When asked what her ideal storytelling program would look like she said “telling folktales to a group of upper elementary (3rd , 4th , and 5th grade) students. At that age they can understand the humor or sorrow of a situation without it having to be explained to them.”

Also, at that age they haven’t much of the attitude that you may get in middle or high school. One of her favorite memories of being a school librarian is every year, for a week in October, she would tell stories to the students. She said she enjoyed the reactions of students that were new to the school as well as those had been involved the previous year.

Diane is what I would term as a serial joiner of storytelling organizations.

In addition to MO- TELL she is a member of:

  • OOPS (Omaha Organization for the Purpose of Storytelling)

  • LIPS (Lincolnites Interested in the Perpetuation of Storytelling)

  • Nebraska Story Arts

  • RAPS (River and Prairie Storyweavers)

  • NSN (National Storytelling Network)

  • World Storytelling GuildTeacher Storytellers

  • and FEAST (Federation of East Asian Storytellers).

Something about Diane that you may not know is: Don’t mess with frogs around her!

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