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MO-TELL Member of the Month: Becky Everly

Becky is a working storyteller from the Kansas City area that has made the difficult transition from live to virtual performances. She has done a number of virtual sessions lately, both telling stories and teaching oral language skills. Most of the time she works with 1st and 2nd grades, though recently she taught an 8th grade class in Phoenix, AZ using the Zoom platform.

When asked how she got into storytelling she said her grandpa and mom always told her stories when she was little so she grew up with stories and storytelling. As a K-2nd grade teacher she always used stories in the classroom and kept on telling stories after she retired. She now has 5 characters/personas she uses when telling stories. Mrs. Claus for the Christmas season, Polly Pilgrim who tells about what it was like to come to America on the Mayflower, Mrs. WishyWashy who tells stories about life on a farm, Georgia of the Jungle who tells wild animal and nature stories, and Mother Goose for fairy tales.

As you can imagine asking a storyteller what are her favorite type of stories is kind of like asking a parent who is their favorite child. Becky did say she really likes folk tales, she’s partial to Lazy Jack, and personal stories about when she was younger, She said the children especially like it when she tells a story about a time when she was their age and messed up.

She joined MO-TELL, and RAPS, and NSN because she believes in supporting storytelling and being a member gives her a way of doing that. Two of her storytelling mentors that have helped her develop and refine her storytelling skills are Donald Davis and Doug Lipman.

A fun, little-known, fact about Becky is that many years ago she wound up fixing lunch one day for a lady who was the sister of a Governor who went on to become the President of the United States. Her close brush with political power!

To contact Becky email her at or call her at 816-500-5675.

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