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MO-TELL Member of the Month: Alice Nathan

Alice Nathan is the first-place winner in the 2022 MO- TELL Missouri Liars Contest Written Category. Alice was raised in Missouri and has lived in West Plains MO, Springfield IL, and now retired to Blue Springs MO. Alice and her husband Rich White were introduced to storytelling when they attended a day of storytelling at the Woodneath branch of Mid-Continent Public Library.

They later learned it was part of the annual KC Storytelling Celebration. Joyce Slater and Sue Hinkle taught a workshop that day. They had never heard of storytelling as an art form, but immensely enjoyed that day. Alice became certified in written and in oral storytelling through the library’s Story Center program. Alice tells mostly personal stories, but occasionally adds in a folktale or tall tale. She has a gentle way of telling a story.

She has a degree in Psychology and Counseling, but says her career took an unexpected turn.

When an opportunity arose to advance to management, her career became serving as Executive Director of non-profit social service agencies. Alice’s specialty was stabilizing funding and erecting new buildings. The client populations being served were primarily alcoholics with criminal records and victims of domestic violence.

Alice’s goals are simply to have fun sharing stories that are entertaining and that hopefully have a meaningful message to a listener.

She likes telling on Zoom and in person. Zoom allows us to reach listeners that cannot be with us physically. She thinks that has been good for storytelling. Live performances do have the definite advantage of direct connection with the listeners. That reminds her of her years of public speaking and entertaining.

She appreciates the workshops MO-TELL offers at the in-person Missouri Liars Contest. As a novice and as a storyteller who has no ambition to become professional, Alice likes the contact and training by the members who have a wealth of expertise to share.

Alice has lived through some stressful chapters of life, but she is now living in the best chapter (in no small part due to her husband, Rich White). All experiences can come out

in story.

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