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MO-TELL Member of the Month: Alice Nathan

In the short time Alice has been associated with storytelling she has accomplished a lot, both asa storyteller and as someone who is willing to use her skills to help foster storytelling.

In less than 3 years, as she has been a member of MO- TELL she has won the written portion of theMO-TELL Liars Contest in 2019 and took Second Place in the 2020 contest.

She has also been on the Board of River and Prairie Storyweavers (RAPS) for the past two years as Treasurer, helping keep RAPS fiscally sound. And, she has received both the Written and Oral Storytelling Certification from The Story Center, a part of the Mid-Continent Public Library.

Alice started her journey in storytelling via the written word instead of oral storytelling. Her favorite types of stories to write are personal stories. But lately she has been telling more stories, both personal stories and folktales. When asked what interests her she said she “cares about people and why they do the things they do”. She thought one of the reasons she got so interested in storytelling is that stories are a way to illustrate and understand that behavior.

Fun little known fact about Alice (actually 2 of them): She was the Ping-Pong champion of her high school. Also, she held the record for the most free throws in a row.

As for her future in storytelling, she said she wants to have fun with it. To enjoy listening to, writing, and

telling the stories that interest her.

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