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MO-TELL History: MO-TELL Memories

by Linda Kuntz

When Larry Brown was the president of MO-TELL he called Gary and me and asked if we would join MO-TELL and support Missouri Storytelling, Inc. Gary and I joined MO-TELL. I thoroughly enjoyed telling at Missouri State Parks. My first park was Knob Noster State Park for their Halloween Extravaganza. Campers decorated their sites and went trick or treating. At dusk, Gary and I started to tell stories. We started off with Not So Scary stories and as the little ones left, our stories became scarier.

I competed in the first Missouri Liars Contest at Woodneath Library, Kansas City, Missouri. Ken Wolfe blew the competition out of the water with his

story and walked away with first place.

Jim Wallen had been the secretary for MO-TELL and had indicated he was ready to step down. He asked me if I was willing to step up and be a MO- TELL Board member. I agreed and was elected at the January 2020 Annual MO-TELL Membership meeting. The MO-TELL board meetings went onto Zoom as the Covid-19 pandemic changed where and when we told stories. Zoom allowed MO-TELL to reach out to tellers and listeners around the world.

It has been a real pleasure working with Joyce Slater, Sue Hinkel, Jackie Wright, Glen “Papa” Wright, Nancee Walker-Micham, Perrin Stifel and Gary Kuntz on the MO-TELL board. Currently I am the secretary and in charge of membership. I take minutes of the board meetings, send out letters as requested, and maintain the membership list.

Getting involved with MO-TELL has allowed me the opportunity to meet

and listen to lovely storytellers.

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