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MO-TELL History: MO-TELL Memories

by Gary Kuntz

I joined MO-TELL back when Larry Brown was President of the group and became a board member at large when Joyce Slater became President. I’ve been a member of the board ever since. The reason I’ve remained on the board is that this is a way I could help advance storytelling in the state of Missouri.

I found that I could help with storytelling in Missouri by participating in the Missouri Liars Contest from the beginning, when Anthony Clark started the contest in 2015. I also told stories at three of the state parks as part of the partnership between MO- TELL and the State Parks. I’ve had the opportunity to tell at Knob Noster State Park, along with my wife Linda, Wakonda State Park, and the Arrow Rock State Historical Site as part of their Children’s Craft Fair. In 2023 I helped produce four virtual storytelling programs using the Zoom platform: “Irish Tales” in March, “Crazy Days of Summer” in June, “A New Moon, A New Beginning” in September, and “Helping Hands” in December. In 2024 Nancee Walker-Micham and I are going to produce four more shows for MO-TELL, each on the 2nd Tuesday of the month: “Winds” in March, “Freedom” in June, “Hauntings” in September, and “Tell Me A Story” in December.

I have been very fortunate in having many people encourage, help, teach, and mentor me in storytelling. Encouraging and helping others in storytelling is something I hope I will be able to do in the years to come. There are many memories over the years and one that stands out is when Linda and I, for the first time, encouraged and helped mentor Carol Kariotis who won the Missouri Liars Contest!

Gary Kuntz

5704 N Euclid Ave, Gladstone MO 64118


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