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Messages for you from the Board: Perin Stifel, Founder of MO-TELL

Dear Friends in Storytelling,

Our 8 antique clocks keep us going as I keep them going. They tick, chime and ding with comforting sounds. They need me and we need them. Alice crochets and I wind clocks!

I wonder what you are doing as Alice and I hunker down here at home. I can only surmise. So here’s our Time Being!

We are fortunate to be able to walk in our neighborhood in WebsterGroves. Each day for an hour minimum, we take one longer walk and one short walk and keep our distance from other folks. Each day we do at least one hour of what we want to do or need to do such as write letters, check on friends, organize a drawer, work outside (Well, not Alice LOL), crochet (not Perrin LOL), read, whatever. Each day we do something for the future, such as inventory our home contents with descriptions of who gave us what or the estate sale where it was purchased and the current value we estimate. We are also each writing down our memories for our family.

Storytelling, which is limited to standing across the street as families walk by when I’m outside, consists of my doing the rap of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and getting smiles and even a little applause. I tell the neighbors that I couldn’t tell stories without an audience! On TV we watch the stocks go up and down, and also enjoy old movies and PBS series such as “Call the Midwife”, “American Experience,” and "World on Fire." We order groceries and then I do a drive-by and Straub’s places them in my trunk.

We are fine and very fortunate and lucky. I hope all of you are safe and well.

Love and blessings for the Time Being!

Perrin and Alice Stifel

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