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Message for you from the Board: Linda Kuntz, Secretary

Perhaps I am a closet introvert. I have to remind myself to reach out to others by emailing, texting, using Zoom or telephoning. I am not overly concerned during this Covid-19 pandemic. We have a well-stocked pantry with food enough to share. We have books, games, internet, television, household projects and gardening to keep us entertained. Even our church services are broadcast. We can get out for walks as the weather permits. We can smile, wave or greet the neighbors as they walk, play and ride bikes.

I am using this time to create storytelling programs and develop stories. I have told stories on Zoom for the St. Louis Storytelling Festival and the Kellogg Sisters Story Circle in Perry, KS. Zoom is a new experience for me and I have had a steep learning curve as I have adapted my voice, gestures, eye contact and lighting.

Stories are needed now more than ever as people stay at home. We need to tell our stories as we create history and we need to tell stories about overcoming obstacles and surviving as we encourage ourselves and the children that this too shall pass.


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