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And so Perrin Sums Up...

the Missouri Liars Contest Event, Saturday July 8, 2023 at the Masonic Temple, 12 E. Lockwood, Webster Groves, MO.

The Committee started work after the 2022 Liars Contest and MO-TELL-A-PALOOZA held at the Pacific Opera House. Perrin Stifel, Sue Hinkel, Jackie Wright and Joyce Slater met after the board meetings to plan. Ken Wolfe created our flyer for the MO-TELL Register.

At the temple on July 8 we met Mike, who unlocked the door, and we began to bring in supplies and silent auction items, etc. With help from volunteers it was quick! The AC was at 82 degrees so we endured the humidity and slow cooling process. Also, we had a warm and welcoming workshop, led by Sherry Norfolk, about using your voice in storytelling. Karen Young served as emcee. Comments from attendees were very positive, such as “She’s wonderful!” and “How does she do those voices?” Following a short break came the story swap with Cosy Wright as emcee. Fun!

We sold shirts, books, coffee, and tickets for the Amighetti’s lunch. The silent auction began at 11:30 as we began to eat. By the time lunch ended about 12:50 we were getting ready for the spoken contest. First we honored David Schlamb, Mo-Tell co-founder, with an honorary lifetime membership. He was very happy with the honor and shared how he helped numerous students to become young storytellers at Old Bonhomme School in Ladue. Marsha Stifel Mellendorf was given a special thank you as well by the board for the quilts she has made and donated.

Joyce Slater as emcee introduced the tellers, who shared wit and humor. First place went to Rich White, followed by Ken Wolfe (2nd ) and Christine Henderson (3rd ). Ric Vice, Linda Kuntz, Gary Kuntz, Roger Rose and Ron Stewart competed as well. Chester Weems read his 1st place written entry and Patricia Coffie won 2nd place. Awards of money and medals were distributed. Everyone loved the Liars Contest!

The silent auction ended, and winning folks waited with excitement to pay! Karen and Michael Potts did a great job with the silent auction. This event takes a lot of work and raised the most money. And Sue Bravo of Chicago won the quilt raffle.

Other wonderful volunteers made the day a marathon of fun...

Here is a list: Joyce Slater, Sue and John Hinkel, Gary and Linda Kuntz, Jackie and Papa Wright, Cosy Wright, Patty Carlton and her delicious cookies, Heather Murphy, Jan and Bob Jensen, Alice Stifel, Liz Lyons, Rich White and Alice Nathan, and Shara Storm, photographer. And many thanks to judges Melissa Bauer, Rebecca Clarke, Jan Dolan, Wynn Miller, Chris Mullen, and Prince Wells III.

ALL our donors for the silent auction are listed in the program. We made our financial goal because of them.

Where will it be next year? Will you enter? It’s a hard act to follow but you can do it!

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