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Amici Ad Astra: Deborah Lynn Wallen (Rice)

Deborah Lynn Wallen (Rice)

July 1950 — January 2021

Deb Wallen passed away on January 18.

Condolences may be sent to:

Jim “Two Crows” Wallen 4710 Mayview Terrace Court, Blue Springs, MO, 64015.

Some thoughts about Deb:

Deb was always happy to see and hear everyone. All of us were treated like we were special, in person or on the phone.And she brought joy and happiness to us. Love to Jim and the Wallen family. May God bless you all.

Perrin and Alice Stifel

Deb and Jim were part of my original storytelling family. Deb was like a sister to me, a sweet sister. Weoften prayed together. Once she made me a cape that was stitched all the way around with her prayers.She said a prayer for me with each stitch. She was so special. My very first storytelling conference was spent with Deb and Jim in San Antonio, TX.

We had a strong connection through art, story and prayer. I miss her dearly. I will always love her.

Joyce Slater

When I think of Deb, I can see her smiling face, the eyes that lit up the room, the busy hands alway creating, and her words of joy. Where Deb was, the room was brighter and more joyful. The thing I marveled most was her talent. She was always creating something, a drawing, a painting, a basket or something for someone else.Her devotion to her family was an example for all to admire. We have suffered a great loss here on earth, but heaven has gained, and someday we will meet again and be united in love and joy. Rest Deb until we meet again.

Sue Hinkel

Here is my remembrance of Deb Wallen. I could write so much more, but these two things are the things I loved most about her. Thank you, for giving everyone an opportunity to share our memories! I always loved hearing her talk about Jim, her children and her grandchildren.... I met one, or two, of her family, but I felt like I knew them all because she was so proud of them and was always ready to visit with you about them. There was no doubt they were center of her joy. I will miss her beautiful, welcoming smile; you felt hugged every time she smiled at you!

Love you muchly!!

Deb Swanegan

I first met Deb Wallen as she was sitting in the back of a River and Prairie Storyweavers’ meeting, working on a craft project. She always welcomed everyone and made them seem like they were the reason she had come. She did not often tell a story herself, but she always supported the other storytellers. Deb understood the power of storytelling through words and art. While Deb is gone, her influence will ripple through the generations of people she has touched.

Linda Kuntz

Deb’s artwork was a highlight of the silent auctions at Chicken Festival. She was always so generous with her talents! One year, she even gave me a beautifully framed pencil sketch of me+autoharp from a snapshot she had taken the previous year. It is a sweet reminder of her warmth and skill.

Fran Stallings

Deb Wallen was one of the most kindhearted and talented individuals I had the honor of knowing. She had a warm, soft spoken soul. However, she was steadfast firm in her made up mind and decisions. To me, she was like that old E.F. Hutton commercial. When she did speak up. People perked up and listened. I met Jim and Deb when I first joined RAPS in the mid-90s. When she somehow found out I had a journalism/ creative writing degree background, that at the time, I wasn’t utilizing as much as I should. She called me up, challenged me and inspired me to employ it by contributing material to the old RAPS newsletter. Thanks to Deb, that little gesture jumped started my writing juices and feeling I had something that was worth sharing on paper. It’s the little things that may seem insignificant or small that create a big difference in a life. Deb had a way of creating big differences with strategic, humble gestures!

John “Br. John” Anderson

I remember Deb and Jim together. It is hard to imagine that team no longer together. I always felt it was a privilege to visit with her and hear about her adventures as a part of their storytelling team.

Many fond memories

Jim and Jo Ann Stigall

We are not sure exactly when we met Deb, but immediately she made us feel like we were already old friends. A favorite memory is meeting Deb and Jim at a 1⁄2 way point between our towns for a long lunch and great conversation. We will miss her in our lives.

Sarah and Thom Howard

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