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A Note from the President

I have always loved Halloween!

I love dressing up and greeting the trick or treaters! I love seeing all the costumes at the door! I love handing out the treats! I love telling the spooky and not so spooky stories before Halloween! It is also my youngest sister’s birthday. Now it is over. This is such a busy time of year for holidays. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way. There is Tellabration! in November. I hope your community has Tellabration! It was started in the 1980s by J. G. Pinkerton and it has continued ever since. It is a night of storytelling for adults. Plan your event now. There will be Tellabration! in the KC area and the St. Louis area. If you aren’t having one, find one where you can go. It is a great night of stories for adults. Let us know what you heard. Was there a favorite story or a favorite teller? We’ll put your report in the newsletter next month.

Remember, stories are not just for kids!

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