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A Note from the President

Hello my friends,

March 1st was a sunny, mild day. Not an “in like a lion out like a lamb” day at all. The crocus and daffodils were peeking their heads above the ground, the sky was blue, and Spring is just around the corner. How glorious is that!

Last weekend I was part of the Winter Winds Storyfest sponsored by the Story Center, Mid-Continent Public Library in Kansas City, MO and River and Prairie Storyweavers.

This was the inaugural year for Winter Winds and the Story Center. There was a workshop, a lunch with a story swap, a panel of storytellers and a concert. I was part of the panel. My part was to speak about the early childhood storytelling applications. I was grateful to have my voice heard. Most of my work is with young people. Although I love telling stories to all ages, it is vital to tell stories to young listeners. The first years of their lives are the most important in brain development. Storytelling helps develop listening skills, enhances imagination, teaches problem solving and introduces children to literature, just to name a few. It is a big responsibility for the storyteller to aid in this development. Storytelling is not just entertainment for the little ones; it has an influence on their future.

You should give preschool storytelling a try. You just might love it. Look for the Winter Winds Storyfest next year. February 22, 2025.

Keep telling your tales,

Joyce Slater

President, MO-TELL

“Storytelling captures an aspect of childhood experience when being told a story was a common ritual. It’s a warm place for most of us and in some ways represents our first listening experience in really listening.”
– Paul Lansky

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