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A Note from the President

Hello my friends,

I love Halloween and I have usually spent the night sitting on my front steps with a bucket of candy to hand out to the hundreds of tricks or treaters we get in our neighborhood. I missed all that although I didn’t miss the chilly weather. We celebrated my sister’s birthday this year. She was in town this year, so we partied. I remember the night of her birth. I was six years old and eager for treats. Our mother, who was nine months pregnant, took us Trick or Treating. We had only walked about eight blocks when she ducked into a house of some friends and made a call to our dad. Dad came quickly. We rushed home in the family auto. Dad took Mom to the hospital and two hours later baby Gloria Jean was born. Not so much candy that year but a beautiful baby sis. We don’t often get to celebrate her birthday in person because she lives half the year in Arizona. We had a rare treat.

November ushers in colder weather, Tellabration! Thanksgiving and Gratitude. I am thankful we have stories to share.

I want to thank the board members of MO-TELL for all their hard work this year keeping Missouri Storytelling Inc alive. Many thanks to Ken Wolfe for the beautiful newsletters he creates. Thank you to our members and the tellers who shared their stories on our behalf at the Missouri State Parks and our online events.

MO-TELL will kick off the week before Tellabration with a program on November 12 featuring Bil Lepp. There is a live in person Tellabration in St. Louis. River and Prairie Storyweavers will also have Tellabration. Check out the events.

Love to you all,

Joyce Slater

President of MO-TELL

“Stories tell us of what we already knew and forgot, andremind us of what we haven’t yet imagined.”
– Anne L. Watson

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