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A Note from the President

Hello my friends,

The 9th Annual Missouri Liars Contest was fabulous. I hope you were able to catch the tall tales. Each story was so different and so captivating. Thank you, contestants, for sharing your talents. Thank you to all our volunteers who took care of registration, book sales, lunch, coffee, the silent auction, workshop emcee, workshop leader, donors to the silent auction and donors of all kinds. A special to our judges and timekeeper and to Marsha Stifel Mellondorf, the creator of the quilt that was raffled off. Thank you to Shara Storm for photographing the event. Thank you to the Masonic Lodge, who housed our event. There are so many to thank. Thank you to the audience who listened to our stories.

We will begin working on next year’s Liars Contest. We will move away from St. Louis but where will we go! Any ideas from you are welcome.

On September 13th, 7 pm Central Time, we will have an online event, New Moons, New Beginnings. More information to come soon.

We have Tellabration to look forward to and then another event on December 12, Helping Hands.

We are continuing with our history page. If you think of a story about your time with MO-TELL, send me anemail.

These events leave us with so many memories, so many stories. I love storytelling.

Keep telling your tales.

Love to you all,

Joyce Slater

President of MO-TELL

“No, it’ll not do just to read the good old tales out of a book. You’ve got to tell ’em to make ‘em go right.”
- Richard Chase (1904-1988)

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