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A Note from the President

Hello my friends,

My husband, Bob and I would have been fishing the last week in June, but I tested positive for Covid. I was terribly upset. I look forward to this trip every year. We meet up with another family and stay in a cabin on the Current River. It is the most relaxing week of my year. We fish, hike, bird watch, paint, read, pray, sleep, eat and of course tell lots of stories. The stories are the best part.

The Liars Contest is happening soon, and I will listen to stories, lots of stories. We will have so much fun. Our committee has packed a lot into this event.

There is a workshop, a story swap, the liars contest and a dance with wonderful music. All of this takes place within the walls of an historic building where we will experience the history of the 1904 World’s Fair of St. Louis. There is more. We will have an auction, a raffle and fun meals together. The best part is there will be more stories for you and for me. I can’t wait, especially now. I need to hear those stories.

I hope to see you there. Come for the tales and stay for the rest!

Keep your stories alive,

Joyce Slater

President of MO-TELL

“My father said whoever tells the longest story is always the liar. The truth isn’t that complicated.”
- Bill Joy

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