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A Note from the President

February 2020. A new year for MO-TELL. MO-TELL celebrates 33 years of storytelling. That’s a lot of stories.

January 25th , MO-TELL held its Annual Membership Meeting. Many thanks to River and Prairie Storyweavers and the Chicken Festival for the opportunity to meet with our members during their event.

Twenty people were in attendance for the meeting. Reports were given by Joyce Slater, President, on the 2019 in review, Jim Two Crows Wallen, Secretary, on our presence in the Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites and on his workshop with the Missouri Interpreter’s Association. Gary Kuntz, Board Member at Large, discussed the Liar’s Contest and announced the upcoming Liar’s Contest. Sue Hinkel, Treasurer, gave the financial report for 2019. Perrin Stifel, Emeritus, was unable to attend. We introduced a new board member for the 2020 fiscal year. Linda Kuntz will come on board as Secretary. Jim Two Crows Wallen will move to Board Member at Large.

We announced that we would like to add 2-3 more board members with skills in accounting, grant writing and computer skills. We thanked Ken Wolfe for the fantastic job he has done on the newsletter. We also thanked Hilary Kuntz for her wonderful work on the website (check it out, ). We reminded everyone that Ron Turner was made a Life-time member at the last Liar’s Contest in thanks for all he has done for storytelling in the state of Missouri.

We added new members and we sold books. Watch for the reports in

your email.

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