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A Note from the President

As the year of 2019 comes to a close, we remember our joys and our sorrows, our friendships and our stories. We have much for which to be thankful. MO-TELL has a hard-working board of directors, Sue Hinkel, our treasurer, Jim Two Crows Wallen, our secretary, Gary Kuntz, at large and Perrin Stifel, founder and emeritus director. Many thanks to our board members. We also have helpers who do so much for us. Thom Howard helps us review our financials every year. Ken Wolfe designs and creates the monthly newsletter. Hilary Kuntz works on our website with her father Gary Kuntz. Karen Potts, Sarah Howard and Ken Wolfe worked on the Liar’s Contest. Thank you to Thom, Ken, Hilary, Karen, Sarah and Ken. We have a good working relationship with the Missouri State Parks and the Missouri Arts Council. Thank you. We maintain a good working relationship with the following organizations River and Prairie Storyweavers, Gateway Storytelling, Riverwinds Storytelling and Storytellers of the Ozarks, the St. Louis Storytelling Festival and the KC Storytelling Celebration, as well as numerous library systems in the state. Thank you one and all.

We were deeply saddened this year with the loss of Becky Walstrom, who was not only our board member but a wonderful friend. I miss her terribly as I know you do as well. She was a gift to storytelling who was full of joy and love.

We have added new members. We hope to add more this year and renew all our current members before January 31. (Check the newsletter for membership dues information.) We would love to hear what you think. The Annual Membership Meeting is January 25, 2020, in Paola, KS during the Chicken Festival. We would love to see you there. Come to the festival and stay for the meeting. You will have a great time.

Last year we were able to create a monthly newsletter, build a website, send storytellers to the Missouri State Parks, stage a Liar’s Contest and hold an Annual Membership meeting. We also were awarded a grant from the Missouri Arts Council to help with the state park storytelling. Looking toward the future, we hope to accomplish some of the same things as last year. We will again have storytelling in the state parks, stage a Liar’s contest, create a monthly newsletter, make the website better and hold an Annual Membership Meeting. We are also writing grants and brainstorming about future events. We want to add new board members from different parts of the state. We are planning a Missouri Bicentennial event. We would love to have your help and suggestions.

Thank you for your membership and support this past year. We are

nothing without you.

When the storytelling goes bad in society, the result is decadence.

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