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A Note from the President

Storytelling is Magical.

Whether you tell a personal tale or a folktale or a fairy tale or one made up in the corners of your mind; you are creating magic. We recognize the power of the oral tradition and we are transformed by it.

It is February, a month dedicated to so many things like love and history and even groundhogs. What stories will you be sharing? What is your love story?

I started telling stories in childhood probably like the rest of you. I never realized I would fall in love with this art and champion it where ever I go.

Tell your stories of love to all you meet. Listen to stories too, because listening is a big part of storytelling. When you hear a story that moves you, tell us about it.We want to share your discoveries with our members in the “Break a Leg”column.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

A thought for Your Day:

A good storyteller is the conscience-keeper of a nation.
- Gulzar,poet, lyricist,
and film director (b. 18 Aug 1934)

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