Drum roll please….announcing the winners of the second annual Missouri State Liar’s Contest!

Big thanks to organizer Anthony Clark and also to the Columbia Public Library for hosting this event.

1st Place: Carol Kariotis

2nd Place: Ken Wolfe

3rd Place: Larry Brown


Congrats to all the participants, it was a great concert!


Lee Giezentanner –    My Dog Billy

Gary Kuntz –                MG Midget

Rosie Cutrer –              Scooter

Pablo Baum –               Southern Missouri’s Stupidest Burglars

Carol Kariotis –             On the Farm

Michael Bennett –         Bibles over Baltimore

Rolland Love –             Dead Man Bloating

Ken Wolfe –                 My Cweation

Linda Kuntz –               Camping

Larry Brown –             Schwinn Rider in the Sky

Linda Bennett –           The Art of War