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Message for you from the Board: Gary Kuntz, Board Member At Large

Linda and I are staying at home and taking long walks around theneighborhood. Once a week I “sacrifice my body” (as Linda puts it) by going to the grocery store and occasionally we’ll call-in a food order from a local restaurant and pick that up. I have repeatedly told her that the 6-ft social distancing rule doesn’t apply to us in our own home, but she strongly disagrees and has stringently enforced that rule.

If you believe that last sentence I want you for my judge in the upcoming Missouri

Liars Contest .

I’ve enjoyed the digital storytelling opportunities that have become more prominent once the stay-at-home guidelines have taken effect. It’s fun and informative listening to and seeing so many wonderful storytellers, not just from around Missouri, but from around the nation and the world. Some of these people I never would have had the chance to listen to without the digital tools now available. I have to say that though it is fun seeing everyone on the screen I do miss the immediacy and personal contact of live performances. I hope and pray that each and everyone of us comes through this crisis ok and with a better appreciation for the world around us.

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