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We've heard it all before... we rejoice in the retelling!

Find A Storyteller

Raelene Crotser
Raelene Crotser.jpg
Contact Raelene Crotser at:

935 Spring Park Blvd

Mount Vernon, MO 65712




With ten plus years of experience, I have told stories to a widely varied demographics. I’ve told in schools, libraries, RV parks, city parks and senior residential facilities. In addition to storytelling skills, I also have given interpretive programs at places like Gray-Campbell Farmstead, Hulston Mill Civil War Days, Prairie Days at George Washington Carver NM, and Wilson’s Creek NB.


My go to stories are usually Ozark Folktales, stories from Uncle Remus, Ananzi and other folklore genres. As the family historian, I’ve learned to share stories about my family and their adventures through life. However, if you have a request for stories oriented to your Park let me know early and I can try to tailor my stories to fit your needs (as I did for George Washington Carver NM).

Rosie Cutrer
Rosie Cutrer.jpg

Rosie Cutrer is a Kansas Creative Arts Industry Touring Artist. She has been a featured teller at the Kearney Nebraska Storytelling Festival, The Choctaw Land Run Festival and Franklin County Children’s Literature Festival. The Children’s Music Web awarded her CDs best-spoken word for younger and older children. 


Contact Rosie Cutrer at:

Becky Everly
Contact Becky Everly at:


Becky has shared stories with elementary-aged kids for over 30 years.  In performance she often takes on the clothes, voice, and personality of a person such as Polly Pilgrim or Mrs. Claus, portraying life from that character’s perspective. 


She has worked with students second through eighth grades to help them apply oral language skills in order to enrich historical and informational presentations. Supporting students in making the transition from oral language to personal narrative and persuasive writing has brought productive experiences.  She has co-sponsored storytelling clubs and camps with kindergarten students through 5th graders.  Exploring benefits and applications of storytelling with parents, families, and educators has been an on-going focus.


She was a nurse and childbirth educator before receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching.  Her proudest moments and best stories have come through family, especially her two sons and six grandchildren.


Denise Grow
Contact Denise Grow at:

26803 South Blinker Light Rd

Harrisonville, Missouri 64701



I have been a writer for many years and began my journey as a storyteller and historical presenter/performer in 2004 when the Living History Guild of the Cass County Historical Society invited me to create a script for their Orphan Train drama.  I have since adapted that first effort for use in a variety of settings.  I learned much about one-room schools during my employment at the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Overland Park, KS, where I was head School marm several seasons.  Growing up in Belton, MO, where Carry Nation and her mother are both buried, led to my interest in developing a program about her.


In addition to the specialized programs mentioned above, my story themes include small town memories, historic anecdotes, personal narratives, folktales, humorous situations, and more, performed in first or third person, as appropriate to subject and venue, and often employing costumes and props.  Each original story and program includes an original song I create and sing accapella. I also love being Mrs. Claus, which I recently did for two seasons with a natural-beard Santa.  I live in rural Cass County, MO, and will travel anywhere in the state.


Teller Specialties:

Historical, Humor, Folktales, Personal Narrative Stories

Heather Harlan
Heather Harlan.jpg
Contact Heather Harlan at:


Phone: 573-673-3681




Heather Harlan is a professional storyteller, recording artist and songwriter. Heather delights audiences of all ages. From performing at libraries, festivals, spiritual retreats, classrooms, campfires—even the Missouri Governor’s Mansion—Heather weaves stories and music to entertain and often inspire. She spins traditional folk tales from around the world and blends them with her own whimsical style of original stories, songs, and guitar playing. Animation, warmth, and audience participation hallmark her performances. Heather has two recording projects. 


Heather lives in Columbia, Missouri and is experienced in virtual and live performances. Heather can work with you to customize an affordable program. What can Heather do for your gathering? 

Gary Kuntz
Gary Kuntz.jpg


Gary tells a mixture of stories: folk, classic, personal, humor, drama, and tall tales. He is the 2013 winner of the Kansas Storytelling Festival Tall Tales Contest and his name is inscribed on the handle of the Golden Shovel, along with the other winners of that contest.   Gary took 2nd place in the 2019 Missouri Liar’s Contest. All of his stories are 100%, completely, absolutely, true – at least, while he tells them.  

Contact Gary Kuntz at:

5704 N Euclid Ave

Gladstone, MO 64118


Phone: 816-896-8611

Linda Kuntz

Linda has been telling stories all her life but no longer gets into trouble for spinning a tall tale. Linda has competed in Tall Tale and Liar’s Contests but her favorite stories have a universal truth. She has found that naked truth is accepted when clothed in story. Linda enjoys telling tales from around the world to all audiences.


Linda tells fairy tales, folktales, personal experience and tall tales.

Linda lives in Gladstone, Missouri and is willing to travel to share her stories.


Teller Specialties:

Fairy tales, Folktales, Personal Narrative Stories, Tall tales

Contact Linda Kuntz at:

5704 N Euclid Ave

Gladstone, MO 64118


Mike and Nancee Micham
Mike and Nancee onstage Buffalo.jpg
Contact Mike and Nancee Micham at:

565 Max Creek Rd

Taneyville, MO 65759




Mike and Nancee Micham are EznDil. EznDil is their band name when playing music at faires and festivals. Locally they are known as just Mike and Nancee. They have been entertaining thru song and stories, humor and education for over 25 years in the Ozarks region.


As Silver Dollar City performers for 13 years, where Mike was known as Ezra and Nancee portrayed as Dilly (hence the name EznDil) they honed their love of traditional artists.

They have been featured storytellers, hired for National and State Parks, libraries, schools, renaissance faires and roots music celebrations. Their love of folk songs and tales, Dad Jokes, Irish traditional music and legends continues to grow. The couple love to share their gift of laughter and song with kids and kids in adult clothing!

Teller Specialties:

Fairy tales, Historical, Scary/Ghost stories, Personal stories, Humorous stories, Campfire stories, Tall Tales, Special Needs audiences

Bobby Norfolk
Contact Bobby Norfolk at:

105 East Drake Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63119

Phone: 314-968-2606




Bobby Norfolk is an award-winning storyteller, teaching artist and author from St. Louis. He has been performing throughout the United States and world-wide for over 45 years. Bobby began his career as a National Park Ranger for 10 years at the Gateway Arch

creating and presenting living history programs.


Today, he is an actor, comedian, author and teaching artist, and is well known for his high energy performances with lively animation and sound effects. His prior CBS children’s TV show “Gator Tales” won 3 Emmy Awards! He also has 8 published storytelling CD’s, many having won the National Parent’s Choice Gold Award.


As an author, he has written several award winning books for children and adults. Bobby was also honored with the prestigious Circle of Excellence Award presented by The National Storytelling Network. Faculty at the University of Missouri-St. Louis voted to honor Bobby Norfolk the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters where he also gave the commencement speech at the May graduation ceremony. His stories promote cultural diversity, character education and literacy. Bobby is truly an adventure story come to life!

Teller Specialties:

Fairy tales, Folktales, Personal Narrative Stories, Tall tales, Scary Stories, Historical, Nature, Just So, Humorous, Campfire

Roger Rose
Contact Roger Rose at:



Roger Rose, the Walking-Stick Man, has been telling stories in the St. Louis area for many years. He tells from a broad repertoire, from literary stories to folklore and legends, to his own original stories.  Roger mines the treasure trove of literature and folklore for nuggets of story which he refines and polishes for telling. Roger was a regional teller  for the St. Louis Storytelling Festival for many years and was a featured teller in 1994. 

Many of the stories Roger tells are literary stories -- authored to be printed and read.  But listening is different from reading, so literary stories need to be adapted for telling, just as they are adapted for stage or screen.  Roger offers a workshop on telling literary stories and offers advice on copyright issues and getting permission to tell copyrighted works.


Roger is a member of the National Storytelling Network, of St. Louis Gateway Storytellers, of Missouri Storytelling, of Riverwind Storytelling Company and of River and Prairie Storyweavers. The ever-present walking stick, his personal trademark and talisman, was hand-crafted by Roger's father from the woody stem of a saguaro cactus.

Teller Specialties: 

Stories for Kids:  Mother Bruce, The Giant's Toe, Mouse on the Moon 

Stories for Grown-ups:  The Seal Maiden, Just Good Friends, Middle Woman

Scary Stories:   Headless Horseman, Monkey's Paw, Sleepwalker 

Bible Stories:  David and Goliath, Elijah and the Widow, Prodigal Brother 

True Stories:  Nothing to be Afraid of, Earthquake!, Lost Locomotive

Mark Twain Stories:  Tom Sawyer, Celebrated Jumping Frog

Epic Stories:  Sir Gawain and the Loathly Damsel 

Liar's Contest Winners:  Jack and the Magic Beans, High in the Ozarks

And many more!

Joyce Slater

Contact Joyce Slater:


       7338 Belleview Avenue

       Kansas City, MO 64114-1220 

Phone: 816-523-5038 Home

Phone 2: 816-804-2442 Cell



Performance Fee Range: $175-$2500

Technical Requirements: Electrical outlet

Availability: Year-round


Joyce is a storyteller for everyone from pre-school through adult. Her stories range from participatory for the little ones to personal experiences for adults.  She tells stories about Missouri history, Holiday tales, Ozark adventures, Ghost stories and more. Stories from folktales, fairytales, fables, myths and legends come to life with puppets and songs. Her stories bring people of many cultures together through her own work in schools, libraries, retirement centers and festivals and the storytelling festival she serves.

Joyce teaches workshops for adults and children. Beginning Storytelling, Telling your Personal Story, Storigami and more.

She is a storytelling coach for other storytellers and public speakers from all walks of life.

She is the Artistic Director for the KC Storytelling Celebration and the President of Missouri Storytelling Inc.

Joyce Slater is available for Virtual programs on Zoom, YouTube and Facebook and will adapt to other platforms.  She will also travel.


Professional Memberships:  Missouri Storytelling Inc, River and Prairie Storytelling, National Storytelling Network, North East Storytelling, Gateway Storytellers


Awards: The National Storytelling Network Oracle Regional Award for Service and Leadership: Distinguished National Service Award

Teller Specialties:

Personal Narrative stories, Missouri history, Holiday tales, Ozark stories, Ghost stories, Folk tales, Fairytales, Fables, Myths, Puppets, Songs, Workshops, Storytelling coach, Public speaking coach

Fran Stallings
Fran Stallings
Contact Fran Stallings at:

1406 Macklyn Lane

Bartlesville OK 74006-5419


Storyteller, Songwriter, Biologist, Author. Fran Stallings paints stories with voice, gesture and song. Her degrees in biology were not a detour: her folktales and "fact-tales" of our fellow creatures and the environment have earned her the title Earthteller, helping zoo docents and park rangers become story-teachers. She has collected over 400 traditional tales plus original stories and songs. Her articles and stories are widely reprinted. She has produced 5 CDs and 4 books of stories. For fifteen years she worked with thousands of K-12 students as an Artist in Education. She is now in demand nationwide and overseas. She lives in Bartlesville, OK.


Teller Specialties:

Prairie Tales– folktales, songs, and history of early days on the plains.

Stories & Songs for a Green Earth– folktales and science “fact-tales” about the animals and plants in the park, with songs and participation.

Shine On! – our Sun, Moon, and Starsin myths, legends, and astronomical facts, with songs and audience participation.

Kavan L. Stull
Kavan Stull.jpg
Contact Kavan L. Stull at:

691 Prairie Meadow Lane 

Oronogo, MO 64855




As a veteran I have always had a reverence for the men (Doughboys) who fought in the First World War, and over the past few years have been active in the discovery and preservation of WW1 cemetery grave sites.  In 2017, having discovered a local WW1 veteran who died from combat wounds in France still in an unmarked grave, and 5 others brought home in 1921 to the same cemetery, but whose VA markers had been long forgotten and neglected, I started my quest to keep their memories and service records alive by telling their stories.     

My current repertoire is “Captain Harry S. Truman’s WW1 Memories.” In my story, President Truman is portrayed in his old WW1 uniform after his retirement from public service, telling his experiences and honest opinion as he witnessed actual events and adventure in the Great War.  From a hard -working farmer turned into a very competent army officer, his story is based upon his letters back home to his future wife Bess and other published references.  The presentation recalls his enlistment in the Missouri National Guard, his training time at Camp Doniphan, a visit to New York City on his way “over there”, his promotion to Captain, and the historical battle experiences of Battery D, 129th Field Artillery Regiment from the front trench lines in France.   President Truman’s persona as we have admired and respected in past history was much the same in 1917-1918 as Captain Truman.             

Deb Swanegan

Contact Deb Swanegan:

Phone: 573-442-9603



Deb explains, "I was born to be a story teller. My great-grandfather determined I should be the guardian of our family stories the day I was born; I was his seventy second birthday present, and the eldest of his great-grandchildren.   He passed on the stories he had been taught by word of mouth from his family; stories from the troubled days of slavery”, tribal ancestors, their family members and from all the ancestors had learned and observed.    Deb also learned stories from other family members, “old fashioned church”, teachers and parents, and a myriad of multicultural friends.

         Deb is also a retired Art educator, lecturer, national workshop facilitator, master teacher, seminar leader and curriculum writer. She has been a performing actress in the Missouri Repertory Theater, and The Columbia Entertainment Company Chalkboard Theatre, one of Missouri’s premier children’s theater companies.  She is currently writing a book called Recollections, a collection of stories told to her by elders about their ancestors and families, and one of these days she’ll finish it….family elders keep “re-collectin’" stories she needs!


Ric Vice
Contact Ric Vice at:

809 Avon Court

Olivette, Missouri 63132




Ric told stories to children for nineteen years as a school librarian. He loves telling stories that use laughter, sound effects, and characters with a message that students can take home. His tales engage his listeners, drawing on his background as a professional jazz musician, to enliven the stories with sound and movement.

Ric has performed as a regional storyteller at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival for the past seven years and will appear again this year. He received his training in the art of storytelling from Lynn Rubright , Bobby Norfolk, Annette Harrison, Sue Hinkle, and Ken Wolfe.


Teller Specialties:

Curriculum Based, Ghost Stories, Historical Stories, Humor Stories

Jim Two Crows Wallen


Jim Two Crows Wallen has been presenting historical programs since 1980. He is a National, Regional, and Local winner of many awards for his storytelling, historically accurate clothing, and artifacts. Two Crows has been featured at National Festivals, Corporate America, schools, state parks, historical and genealogy societies. His career has included programs in 46 states and 4 continents. Jim has performed at many Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites throughout the United States. He lives in Blue Springs, MO. with his dog Libby. He has four new programs for the Missouri Bicentennial.


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