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Fran Stallings
Contact Fran Stallings at:

1406 Macklyn Lane

Bartlesville OK 74006-5419




Storyteller, Songwriter, Biologist, Author. Fran Stallings paints stories with voice, gesture and song. Her degrees in biology were not a detour: her folktales and "fact-tales" of our fellow creatures and the environment have earned her the title Earthteller, helping zoo docents and park rangers become story-teachers. She has collected over 400 traditional tales plus original stories and songs. Her articles and stories are widely reprinted. She has produced 5 CDs and 4 books of stories. For fifteen years she worked with thousands of K-12 students as an Artist in Education. She is now in demand nationwide and overseas. She lives in Bartlesville, OK.


Teller Specialties:

Prairie Tales– folktales, songs, and history of early days on the plains.

Stories & Songs for a Green Earth– folktales and science “fact-tales” about the animals and plants in the park, with songs and participation.

Shine On! – our Sun, Moon, and Starsin myths, legends, and astronomical facts, with songs and audience participation.

Ric Vice
Contact Ric Vice at:

809 Avon Court

Olivette, Missouri 63132




Ric told stories to children for nineteen years as a school librarian. He loves telling stories that use laughter, sound effects, and characters with a message that students can take home. His tales engage his listeners, drawing on his background as a professional jazz musician, to enliven the stories with sound and movement.

Ric has performed as a regional storyteller at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival for the past seven years and will appear again this year. He received his training in the art of storytelling from Lynn Rubright , Bobby Norfolk, Annette Harrison, Sue Hinkle, and Ken Wolfe.


Teller Specialties:

Curriculum Based, Ghost Stories, Historical Stories, Humor Stories

Denise Grow
Denise Grow
Contact Denise Grow at:

26803 South Blinker Light Rd

Harrisonville, Missouri 64701




I have been a writer for many years and began my journey as a storyteller and historical presenter/performer in 2004 when the Living History Guild of the Cass County Historical Society invited me to create a script for their Orphan Train drama.  I have since adapted that first effort for use in a variety of settings.  I learned much about one-room schools during my employment at the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Overland Park, KS, where I was head School marm several seasons.  Growing up in Belton, MO, where Carry Nation and her mother are both buried, led to my interest in developing a program about her.


In addition to the specialized programs mentioned above, my story themes include small town memories, historic anecdotes, personal narratives, folktales, humorous situations, and more, performed in first or third person, as appropriate to subject and venue, and often employing costumes and props.  Each original story and program includes an original song I create and sing accapella. I also love being Mrs. Claus, which I recently did for two seasons with a natural-beard Santa.  I live in rural Cass County, MO, and will travel anywhere in the state.


Teller Specialties:

Historical, Humor, Folktales, Personal Narrative Stories

Linda Kuntz

Linda has been telling stories all her life but no longer gets into trouble for spinning a tall tale. Linda has competed in Tall Tale and Liar’s Contests but her favorite stories have a universal truth. She has found that naked truth is accepted when clothed in story. Linda enjoys telling tales from around the world to all audiences.


Linda tells fairy tales, folktales, personal experience and tall tales.

Linda lives in Gladstone, Missouri and is willing to travel to share her stories.


Teller Specialties:

Fairy tales, Folktales, Personal Narrative Stories, Tall tales

Contact Linda Kuntz at:

5704 N Euclid Ave

Gladstone, MO 64118



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